Paperdoll, Shanghai 2010 Tour

New York-based, indie-pop-rock act, Paperdoll is embarking on a 2010 Shanghai tour. The tour visits 3 different venues: Brown Sugar on August 5th, Mao Livehouse on August 6th as part of Frexh Shanghai ’10 and finally, on August 10th-11th as part of World Expo 2010: USA Pavillion Stage and America Square. It’s a pleasure of mine to illustrate a tour poster for this talented quartet.

Incidentally, my favorite song from Paperdoll is the Mandarin version of one of their singles: “Anything At All”

All the best to Paperdoll and their plans of world domination,
One venue at a time.

Posted Saturday, July 31st, 2010 under Music, Work: Commercial.


  1. Nice work here. I enjoy the song as well. So, upbeat and just makes you feel good! Nice poster. The flowers remind me of your treatment of some of Kun’s details.

    Good work!

  2. Thank you Lateef!

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