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Signed, WEIGY

Posted Monday, March 29th, 2010 under Monstrous Monday™, Work: Personal.


  1. Yo! Hey, are you planning on finishing this in gray scale or are you about to try out a colorize technique?

  2. I’m liking the hat and the face, that’s my favorite part of this. Reminds me of Terada. I hope the finished image will have the same flavorful use of detail the hat above the hairline, the liveliness of the eyes and the fullness of the lips does

  3. -Spenser: the piece is going to eventually be painted. I’m not sure I understand the “colorize technique” you’re talking about but I’d be glad to share a little more about how I’ve gone about my work.

    I use the layers just as I would build up a wash with traditional media. I don’t rely much on filters or effects as I enjoy exploring the areas where traditional and digital finishes coincide. The grayscale at this part is still a big part in the sketching phases; I’m taking my time with this piece as I’m craving the joy found in dedicating days (or even weeks if I get my way) to a piece.

    This preview is still steps behind the final goal. Hopefully the finished piece will be a better explanation than my textual one.

    -Andy: Flavorful softness is divine.

  4. I’m looking forward to seeing how this piece develops over the coming weeks. It’s off to a nice start. There’s a very strong Katsuya Terada influence, but it’s unmistakably a Weigy illustration.

  5. Cosigned with Richmond here. Also, this is different! For you! It still shows your classical reference, Terada, and a lot of Weigy! Also its the first time I’ve seen you drawn a woman with (some) clothes on, lol!

    Awesome. Can’t wait to see the rest.

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