A Letter Bird

Letter Bird

Letterbird is an illustration done to adorn Scholar Strategies’ Contact Us section. This is one of the few pieces where I went in straight without any prior pencil underdrawing. The linework & finish were decidedly all-digital in consideration of the deadline requested.

The client requested for a relatively quieter composition, in concern of the illustrations overtaking the textual content as the focus of the site. I was a little worried it’d come off on the plain side but we met somewhere in the middle.

Bird, detail

Employing the services of birds to deliver mail exchanges is now an outdated and inefficient method but there is intimacy to be found in the heart of it. The thought of clients forming a fruitful relationship with the company drew me to opt for that hint of intimacy to symbolize the initial contact and what future may come from it.

I’ve never sent mail a la bird-mail by the way.


Signed, WEIGY

Posted Wednesday, October 21st, 2009 under Work: Commercial.


  1. Nice Weigy. 😀 See told you I checked the blog every so often!

  2. Hahah, I don’t think there was ever disbelief on my part when you told me you visit the blog. Thanks for dropping a comment though!

    Also, I have just discovered there are smileys.

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