Happy Mother’s Day


To: My Mother, Grandmother & Aunts,

Without your care, love or faith, I would never be. Thank you for all the books, toys, great food and joy a boy could ever want.


Signed, WEIGY

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A Paper DollI’m in the midst of major schedular changes to accommodate several professional commitments. I’ll return soon with a more extensive update and new works; both personal & commercial.

Good night world,

Signed, WEIGY

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Happy Birthday Astro Boy / Tetsuwan Atom

Happy Birthday Tetsuwan AtomOn April 7th 1951, Dr Tenma created a robot in the image of his deceased son, Tobio. The robot was named Tetsuwan Atom and would later be known to more as Astro Boy.

My very first…

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Amidst March

Within the corner of intrigue

The heat summer-winds had brought is an abrupt change from the pleasant, soothing cool I’ve been spoilt with for the past 2 months. We took advantage of the weather then to visit a winery trail.…

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V & OM

Preview V&OM

Work in progress,

Signed, WEIGY

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Ars Goetia

Tetragrammaton; Olahm

A continuum from the 7th Monstrous Monday™, this is a piece that will continue to grow/shrink to my heart’s content.

Time out of mind, to eternity.

Signed, WEIGY

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Rodrigo Y Gabriela; Live


Rodrigo Y Gabriela is an acoustic guitar-duo act from Mexico with a sound most 5-man band can’t quite muster up in a few lifetimes. The duo possess a rich arsenal of guitar techniques,…

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The 8th Monstrous Monday™: Samurai Werewolf !

Samurai Werewolf on High Seas!A warrior’s strict code of etiquette, in quest of self-improvement VS the insatiable instincts of a half-beast, in quest of self-gratification. The cliche entertained me enough so I pursued the image for this Monstrous

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A Day Out in White

Bess & Russ

Winter sung its swan song on Tuesday, waking me up to a matte, white sky. The presence of snow, at this area & at this time of the year, was unexpected. A nice…

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The 7th Monstrous Monday™: Goetia


I know you’re in this room
I’m sure I heard you sigh
Floating in-between, Where our words collide

A work I will continue to pursue and humble me as I…

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