As of January, 2011

In the past few months of the last year, I’ve been through some interesting places with nary a desk and only new sights to see. I’ve been fortunate enough to see the sun rise from the serene, uninterrupted vistas of Africa to the familiar sight of it cascading upon New York’s skyline.

In-between the two, I’ve had the pleasure to meet even more old & new friends in other new places. I’ve also had the pleasure to share delicacies with these wonderful companions. Gazelles and crocodile tail by a grill-house in Africa, Lobsters and oysters by an Italian cafe off Africa’s port, Belgian waffles in an Ohio market, ramen in New York’s strip of Japan-town,  Peking duck in Singapore and roadside goat stews + skewers by Jakarta, my hometown. The previous sentence has only hinted at the other equally wondrous things I got to taste and experience in each of those spots.

All this traveling has amounted to piles of new sights to document, set several new projects in motion, both in collaborative and solo efforts and in new mediums I am currently learning.

As 2011 starts, I want to take the time and words to appreciate those who’ve stuck around by me and hope 2011 will prove to be another exciting blank canvas to make our marks on. If this is your first visit, you will be most welcome to stick around for more or sift through the archive.


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  1. We use the experiences gathered from a previous year to help pave the way for the new one. I think that with the more you experience, the better off you’ll be for the future, as long as you pay attention to the meaning and timing of the events that have transpired. Here’s to another worldly year of life.

  2. Here’s to another year to bend and mold to best suit our dreams.

  3. Nice. You’re very well traveled man. I’d like to do the same sometime. Keep up the good work, I look forward to your blog this year.

  4. I’m fortunate, but still nowhere near as travelled as I’d like to be. Thanks for sticking around!

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