Happy Mother’s Day


To: My Mother, Grandmother & Aunts,

Without your care, love or faith, I would never be. Thank you for all the books, toys, great food and joy a boy could ever want.


Signed, WEIGY

Posted Tuesday, May 11th, 2010 under Personal News.


  1. dr kecil dah muka nyolot. haha

  2. Memang sakti.

  3. Very nice. I like that picture of you, the first one. You still make that same face, lol!

    Very awesome!

  4. I think little has changed since then; the things I like and the funny faces I make seem to be consistent.

  5. buset. itu bokap lu, gua kira elu, berkumis. hehehe. tambah mirip aja lu

  6. haha if not for that expression, I would not have thought it was you in the first picture.

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