Amidst March

Within the corner of intrigue

The heat summer-winds had brought is an abrupt change from the pleasant, soothing cool I’ve been spoilt with for the past 2 months. We took advantage of the weather then to visit a winery trail. The view from up there was entirely comprised of hills turning into pastel shapes. It was the kind of quiet I’ve been missing for a bit.

The next time I visit a winery, I’ll do my best to get there as early as I can and bring a sketchbook or two to spend the day with.

Wolf over child

Designated wine consumption area

The symbol of the land

Pastel horizon

My visit did the mind and lungs some good.

Signed, WEIGY

Posted Tuesday, April 6th, 2010 under Personal News.


  1. The first shot is pretty decent man, damn I wish I could go around to such places taking pictures. How hot does it get there in summer? As hot as Singapore?

  2. It does get as warm as Singapore’s weather, which is why it’s a little too shocking. Spring is just the right amount of cool and sunlight and then over the course of a day, I feel like I’m being slow-cooked in a pot.

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