The 8th Monstrous Monday™: Samurai Werewolf !

Samurai Werewolf on High Seas!A warrior’s strict code of etiquette, in quest of self-improvement VS the insatiable instincts of a half-beast, in quest of self-gratification. The cliche entertained me enough so I pursued the image for this Monstrous Monday™ entry.

The importance of doing art for both the sake of personal satisfaction and fun can not be stressed enough. It is food for the soul, whether it be a light or heavy meal.

Good night world,

Signed, WEIGY

Posted Monday, March 8th, 2010 under Monstrous Monday™, Work: Personal.


  1. I like his face (Terada), I like his arms (Capcom), and I like his feet (I remember going through a blizzard artbook and thinking “man, these feet suck”).

    The colors remind me of that demon samurai you drew before, how do you pick out those schemes?

  2. Awesome! Samurai Werewolf on the High Seas!

    You’re definitely channeling Terada with this piece, and that’s pretty cool!
    I love the grizzled old Samurai look to it. Guy looks fierce! I love the chain link eye patch. Great job with the body too. It’s not generic, it fits the character. Ya know, he’s actually built just like Wanderlei Silva!

    Good lord, Silva as a werewolf, with a sword. You can’t get more aggressively scary than that.

  3. When I saw this I thought:

    “This is ridiculous.” and then:

    “This looks good.”

    LOL! Well executed, and I agree with the brothers above…I can definitely see your Terada influence (Monkey King came to mind first) in that face. Way to go Weigy. Each drawing you do is really a step in the right direction.

    Its good to see you can make something artistic out of a zany idea. Lol, I have a feeling that if you decide to work in mainstream american games and comics….you’ll need that ability alot, haha.

    Additionally, I enjoy the texture and pattern of the cloth. I like the dragon emblem on the loincloth.

  4. I’m glad this one brought a laughter or two out of everybody. It definitely made me laugh myself while I was drawing it.

    While I wasn’t referencing his work when I was working on this, Terada’s influence is inescapable. He is one of the artists I’ve always looked up to long before I even knew his name.

    Andy, I don’t have a specific way to come up with each color scheme for each of my different monsters. For this piece, I picked out a color scheme that I associate with wild animals and prey carcasses for the skin/fur color.

    The blue came along because of the “Samurai Werewolf on High Seas”. The cool blue on a shredded, simple traditional Japanese clothing represented the Samurai or even the fisherman he might be as a human. That and also because it complements the previous color choice.

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