Rodrigo Y Gabriela; Live


Rodrigo Y Gabriela is an acoustic guitar-duo act from Mexico with a sound most 5-man band can’t quite muster up in a few lifetimes. The duo possess a rich arsenal of guitar techniques, with a spectrum of influences spanning all the way from Al Di Meola to Megadeth.

Exceptional musical prowess aside, there is no empty gimmicks here. It’s two, hard-working, humble, sincere, really good musicians who are also very nice people.

I have the good fortune to have been able to attend this powerful performance in person.


Diablo Rojo

The kind of sound Rodrigo siphons from a classical guitar is most impressive. The intensity Gabriela hammers out of hers is no lesser counterpart in this union.

Their sound is intimate, intense and intrinsic; all at once.

Master Maqui



They took small breaks to talk about their B Major project, devoted to environmental awareness and to dedicate a track titled Atman to the memory of Dimebag Darrell, Pantera’s founding member. Most of the set was played seamlessly, tracks from four albums are played as few giant medleys, bringing the entire crowd to a natural high.

They stuck around for a few chats with the crowd, telling the fans how tiring yet satisfying it is to be touring and recording. Rodrigo shares his excitement over his brand new Gibson guitar he had just purchased the day before and Gabriela shares her two-cents on journalists who try to pin down their act to a specific genre. Rodrigo laughs, telling the crowd that if they came here misguided by newspaper reviews citing them as a flamenco act, he’s genuinely sorry.

They endlessly thanked the fans for being there, smiling from ear to ear, high-fived each fan who came up to the front.


Then the whole venue shook with foot stomps screaming for an encore.

Buster Voodoo

Diablo Rojo encore

It’s personally gratifying to know there are still genuine musicians out there being recognized for the right merits.

Rodrigo Y Gabriela, thank you for the wonderful performance.

I’d also like to thank my better half, Dea Surjadi for the majority of the photographs and one of my best friends, Joshua Santamaria for introducing them to my music library, long, long ago.

Signed, WEIGY

Posted Sunday, March 14th, 2010 under Music.


  1. foto2nya bagus :)

  2. brian yu says:

    i can’t believe you saw them live! awesome!

  3. Brian, you should most definitely go see them when they come by NYC! They’re much, much better live!

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