Ars Goetia

Tetragrammaton; Olahm

A continuum from the 7th Monstrous Monday™, this is a piece that will continue to grow/shrink to my heart’s content.

Time out of mind, to eternity.

Signed, WEIGY

Posted Monday, March 15th, 2010 under Monstrous Monday™, Work: Personal.


  1. now I want to see you draw a wasp woman.

    The top part of her mask reminds me of Ahirman from SMT: Nocturne

  2. 1. I drew a wasp woman in my moleskine. I’m sure yours would be scarier!

    2. Your centrepiece adds an eerie element to the whole piece. Ethereal, yet dangerous. Nice addition, and good work altogether. I await next Monday.

  3. In addition, I read about the “Ars Goetia” on wikipedia. I look forward to where you go with this scheme of designs. Rock on!

  4. Cooool. I like where you took this piece. It has a perverse feel to it. The face in the back is very reminiscent of Terada and Takayuki wasp women designs. I’m looking forward to seeing how this demon summoning circle will grow.

  5. Oh also, great job on the forearms. And the tasteful use of copypasta.

  6. I think the arms overlapping the mask is my favorite element. To me it looks like an angry bull with forearms for horns.

    It could ram and punch at the same time! lol

  7. now that’s cool

  8. Andy, I’d be happy to go down the long list of insects and all the great things they can inspire.

    Lateef, besides the flattering comments, I appreciate that you took the extra time to look up what I made a passing nod to.

    Richmond, as usual, stick around!

    Dareios, it’s of great pleasure to seek shapes within shapes.

    Chris, thank you too!

    Thanks to everyone for the appreciation!

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