A Day Out in White

Bess & Russ

Winter sung its swan song on Tuesday, waking me up to a matte, white sky. The presence of snow, at this area & at this time of the year, was unexpected. A nice day for drawing to a warm cup of tea.

Not too long into the day, one of the dogs was staring at the window, watching each drop of snow fall. It was an appropriate reason/excuse to step outside, breath in some crystal clear air and take the dogs with me.


Bess is a retriever & chow-chow mix. She’s got nigh-bottomless energy and the sharper mind of the two.

Russ thought snow was a superior way of serving water

Russ is the older and taller of the two. A german shepherd and whippet mix with a passive-rebellious streak. I think he understands what I say to him but he just chooses to ignore half of them.

Bess, thinking she's Leif Ericson

They rolled in it, ran through it, wrestled in it and they ate it up. Bess was catching snowballs out of the air and Russ was more than content gobbling up snow off the grasses.

It was getting a little too adorable and cold. The dogs had their fur soaked from the snow drops and the cold was starting to pierce our jackets, it was time to call it a day.

Going back home

Our canine companions got into an extended nap and I re-positioned myself to my drawing table. It made for a good day; for the rest of it, I was drawing with a smile across my face.

Good day,

Signed, WEIGY

Posted Friday, March 5th, 2010 under Frivolous Friday™.


  1. Lo skrg dmana nih?

  2. Di Atlanta area masih, Ted. Kapan main ke sini?

  3. Cool man, you and Dea are experts at riling ‘em up. Those are some damn good pics!

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