Chinaberry Tree

Why Are You Looking Grave

It’s been a while since the last blog post; A back injury, a nice trip to Chicago ago and I’ve been back on the drawing table for half a week. It was really nice to have been able to take the time to visit friends and some family. Between then and now I’ve either been doodling on random scraps of paper or attempting to figure out what older artists have done with their pens.

Doodles of Jazz Ballet

A new client with a new deadline has arrived so my personal endeavors and indulgences will once again take the back seat for a short while. There’s also a pile of sketches for Monstrous Mondayâ„¢ ideas that have been teasing at me…

Actually, speaking of distractions:


Signed, WEIGY

Posted Thursday, December 10th, 2009 under Sketchbook.


  1. A man defined by his muscles
    a woman by her face

    I like those two drawings

  2. Thanks, Andy. On a somewhat related note, you should post some of your drawings to your blog!

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