With Strings Detached

Forlorn; With Strings Detached

A quick practice to just get my back warmed up to sitting on my chair / An attempt to hint at what private sentiments the word forlorn could bring to mind. The additional compositional elements are to hint what could have taken place before and after the instance illustrated. Consider it a digital sketch, subject to being stored away in my “To-Finish-Someday” folder.

Who’s the forlorn figure in this composition for you?

Signed, WEIGY

Posted Friday, November 13th, 2009 under Frivolous Friday™, Work: Personal.


  1. the paper is the most forlorn to me.

  2. It’s tattered and dry, without life. An object. The figures are full of vitality.

    Even that apple still has some flesh to it.

    I get the impression the paper will be expended for some spell, burn up and become nothing.

  3. Weigy’s gonna ORAORAORA everyone who calls his pumpkin, an apple. LOL.

  4. Hahahh, Lateef, I’m not that invested enough in that fruit to lay the smack down on the apple-lovers. I think I’m going to call it a fruit now and leave it open to interpretation.

    I will also make a trip to the supermarket soon to make sure there’s no apples that look like that.

  5. LOL! Good idea! Speaking of fruits, I’e discovered the taste of mangosteen. Its delicious in juice!

  6. Very good concept, I like how you convey the message.

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