Rest My Chemistry

I like pretty rivers.

I’m taking a break for this and the next coming week. I’m visiting a relative out of town and tending to my injury. Between the two, I’ve been advised to not strain my back / feel as much as I can like an old man.

I think I’m visiting a chiropractor soon as this is negatively affecting my productivity. I wonder if the chiropractor’s place is going to be as nice as the rest of this town.

If my back is up to it, I’m hunting down some local pork belly ramen shop and a respectable sushi eatery today. I think raw salmon has strong emotional healing properties.

Sashimi; Feels good man.

Good morning, world.

Signed, WEIGY

Posted Saturday, November 21st, 2009 under Personal News.


  1. Salmon looks good!

    I hope you feel better man! Please rest and relax!

  2. what happened to you?

  3. I injured my back a while ago, it did take a while for it to heal but it did. It hurt like hell while it lasted and there were some complications but it’s nothing serious.

    Now I’m just a little hungry and cold from the winter. Hahah.

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