Recovery : Latissimus Dorsi + Gluteus Maximus

Pull & TearNear the end of a workout session last week, I pulled a major group of muscles on my lower back. It was kind of painful. The pain was vivid enough for me to identify just how much individual group of muscles rely on the lower back.

Icy hot strips are your friends

I was then temporarily addicted to Icy Hot patches.

It effectively kept me from stationing myself at my drawing table; I couldn’t even sit up straight on my bed to draw.¬†Fortunately this small setback happened in-between finished and new projects.

Many thanks to my girlfriend and our friend, Aria for coming down to take care of my silly ass in such times of need. Though I’d like to note that by the 3rd day of my ailments, those around me found my sudden lack of mobility to be a source of mild entertainment.

Bruce Lee might have also found my non-impervious back funny.

Bruce Lee might have also found my non-impervious back somewhat laughable. Random trivia #2: In reality though, the great man might have been sympathetic since he did sustain a far more serious back injury during one of his intense workout sessions.

Giving gravity a couple of dumb bells is like equipping a bear with nunchucks; if carelessly handled, it’ll prove itself to be a formidable opponent who could cost you a few good working days stuck on the bed.

Good night world.

Signed, WEIGY

Posted Thursday, November 12th, 2009 under Personal News, Sketchbook, Work: Personal.


  1. I have a painting that’s sorta sorta like that

    except it’s a choke

  2. I keep imagining a tortoise on its shell as I read this…and you trying to turn yourself over with your neck. Lol.

    Glad you are feeling better. Nice hands in your drawing. I keep my focus on those for some reason, in this piece.

  3. Andy, MMA paintings are glorious! Who’s yours by?

    Actually Lateef, that turtle-comparison isn’t so far off from the truth then. I did feel like an upturned turtle each time I tried to get up from a chair or the bed, hahah.

  4. ahaha A picture of you with your neck stuck at an odd angle to one side due to a fall off a chair back in secondary school suddenly came to mind. I think Faizal pushed you off your chair during art lesson in sec 2 or something and you couldn’t turn your neck for the rest of the day or something. That was hilarious… wished I could have seen this one hahahaha

  5. I’m painting it. I think jiujitsu’s given me a better sense of body anatomy and balance for drawing.

  6. Hisyam, you’re enjoying this too much.

    Andy, let’s grapple and paint!

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