Santouka: Pork Belly Ramen feat. Salmon Roe over Rice

The almighty pork belly ramen

It’s been a good few months since my stay in California and I’m still longing for this epic bowl of Santouka’s Pork Belly Ramen served with salmon roe over steamed, white rice and tea-egg halves. You choose from soy-based or miso-based broths; either one’s a sure win.

A slow-cooked broth derived from pork bone + pork belly endow this dish with the complete arsenal. It gives the broth a rich flavor and a misty texture to tease your tongue with. The slow-cooking also leaves the pork belly so soft, it melts in your mouth. This texture also seems to stick to the noodle or maybe it’s a hallucination I get from overdosing on deliciousness.

This is us toying with you.

Santouka seems to think this by itself isn’t good enough so it gives you the option to have it with a bowl of steamed rice topped with salmon roe. A nice wash of a good broth over fresh rice is a gesture I can’t say no to. The salmon roe though, is just Santouka toying with my heart.

Santouka’s Pork Belly Ramen is magical and this bowl of magic will only set you back $8.50

That’s a lot cheaper than going to a David Copperfield performance and will bring you just as much magic.

Signed, WEIGY

Posted Wednesday, October 28th, 2009 under Food, Travel.


  1. “The other day I went to the sushi bar and found salmon roe.
    They are youngers who are to go to the chopping board as soon as they are born in this world. There are tuna and young yellow tail around who are old hands. “Hey, salmon roe, you are impudent!” “You have never ever swum in the sea!”
    I thought I heard those voices and salmon roe might feel frightened, but they weren’t.
    Rollong sushi bar is kind of a fashion show, and they stands out so attractively.
    While I am eating them happily, I gained the energy and power of spear carrier in new generation.
    To those who will start a new life from April, such as entering new school or company, enjoy yourself and try hard with salmon roe spirit!”
    -Genki Sudo

  2. Sometimes, I bite down on each delicious little piece of salmon roe and I can’t stop thinking to myself that each little roe coupled with another little roe could have laid a whole lot of roes…

  3. So hungry… (O_____O)

  4. Salmon roe is evidence of a loving God watching over us.

  5. Pork belly is an evidence of God telling us animals are delicious.

  6. Pork Belly contains the culinary pleasure that no man should go without experiencing before they ascend to the Heavens. Combined with Miso–you clearly haven’t lived until you’ve had this.

  7. I PROMISE I didn’t see this before I went yesterday. After reading this blog post, you just did me in.

  8. Blake, there’ll be more food porno coming soon.

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