The 6th Monstrous Monday™: Böcklin Viridae

Böcklin ViridaeSickness befalls man as time goes to waste
Decadence emaciates his vision, age digests his frame & fatigue binds him

Unprejudiced, a gestative host accompanies all;
For better / For worse

Posted Monday, October 12th, 2009 under Monstrous Monday™, Work: Personal.


  1. This abomination looks like something that broke through the tethers of reality from the world of Evangelion and somehow adapted to its new environment in the world of Shin Megami Tensei.

    This wispy crown is an awesome stylistic touch, but my favorite parts are the boils and the swollen stomach. Places which of course are very sensitive and affected by even the most common viruses. They’re the type of design detail that makes one go, “Damn that’s so obvious! Why didn’t I think of that!”

    Good job, man!

  2. Hahah, The 2 weeks of influenza + deadlines + damaged heater definitely seeped through this piece.

    Good catch, the deformities aren’t random. They each represent the basic sense of being eaten away by a disease; for me, they also symbolize how decadence can rot you away like a dogging disease and turn you into a walking, infectious curse.

  3. Those boils could also represent the cancerous masses of self-degradation that can reduce one’s soul to a broken, decrepit piece of humanity with all but one transient concept of pride left (hence the crown).

  4. These are the kind conversations I enjoy.

  5. it’s a nasty gross grotesque sort of thing, but I can’t really call it a “beast”, it has intelligence and a noble stature fitting of it’s crown.

  6. I gave it the stature in recognition of the fact that for something to deserve being decadent, it first has to have earned considerable merit in life. I’m glad someone else appreciated the notion.

  7. Great design man. It’s always a pleasure to see your work cos its always so thoughtful. Alot of fledgling artists’ work is filled with uncertainty. This leads to random design decisions. Your work is very very intentional and very very natural and that’s really really refreshing.

    Even without knowing your concept (illness personified) the viewer can FEEL your design decisions. It’s such a visceral piece. I love the taut muscles stretched across the wide frame. It’s like the muscles have dried up over the bones like a well preserved mummy. I also love the distended lumps, like swollen lymph nodes (is that some Kupka influence I see there?). They really recall the feeling of lying helplessly in bed, body aching, throat burning and head pounding,

    I love the arms and how they’re fused to the legs too. It doesn’t feel like a gimmick. It feels like an appropriate expression of tension, helplessness and dehabilitation that one feels during a fever. This would look wonderfully frightful in motion.

    The colors are excellent too. You got a great carrion pallor with the blue and the red. And the subtle hints of yellow are great. They make the whole thing feels so much more sickly. You were wise to use complimentary colors, cos more often than not they don’t mix as brown so much as some weird grey, which is exactly what this needs.

    I could go on and on dude.

    Great job! And great comments from everyone else!~

  8. I hope I’ll see these great monsters in their environment one day man. Whenever I look at one of the monsters I start to imagine their story and surroundings.

    Oh and I hope you’re not as out of shape as that creature you drew man haha

  9. @Richmond: 1 of the most fun things to have running in the head while drawing these is imagining how much/little it would act, walk and talk before finishing up a piece. I drew much of the color from interesting tiny, intense color pools often found in old paintings I admire and steered it towards what could be perceived as a bloated corpse.

    @Hisyam: What you’re hoping for is also what I’m hoping to complete soon. They’re visual expressions of my cultural/emotional love/hate so stories and surroundings come with the package.

    I also will be visiting the gym. Hahah. Thanks again guys, I appreciate the response.

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