“Thirst” (2009) by Park Chan-Wook


Park Chan-wook’s Thirst is about a man who walked up to the highest moral cliff he could climb and found a trip down indulgence lane. True to his usual style, this film is ravishing in its’ moments. They make you cringe like the first time you’ve been introduced to a new sensation you can’t quite put a finger or a word on.

Love is depicted as a clumsy, lustful, brutal and brittle dance… And if love was depicted as such then it’s a dance on a tightrope, above a ravenous bowel of internal struggle. There is a deep, deep satisfaction to be found in watching what Park Chan-wook and his team has brought into this film.

Floating away

The actors gave a brilliant performance despite my already high standards for Korean films. For those familiar with Park’s films, you’ll see familiar faces left and right among the supporting characters. Kang-ho Song and Ok-vin Kim gets the limelight. The great joy in little details are what makes the film so enjoyable. It has his usual touch, things are paced like a cold ocean. It tips you back and forth, slowly, gently and hits you like a wave; you simply never know for sure when or how many times and what‘s going to hit you. A sign of a good director: he leads you on down the paths he wants you to take, whether they’re misleading or a step in the right direction of the plot. The religious imageries are used admirably, not as a preachy overtone but as a gentle, heavy mist of foreshadowing. Admittedly, when revelations come, they do have the impact of a hammer.

Prey or lover?

The tender little moments shared by the characters are intensely intimate in both the most endearing and horrid ways. This movie is also intensely erotic, there’s a touch of intense longing welling up like a dam in the key moments. All accounted for, we shouldn’t forget his soft spot for dark comedic moments.

A man of the cloth & desires

Perhaps what’s most important is the way Park Chan-wook shows the world how he utilizes the attributes vampiric tales have and infuse it with such private fervor, it gobbles up the religious, sexual, romantic and primal attachments and spits it back out as the intense, beautifully shot films he’s been churning out.

This is one of my favorite movies of the past few years. Please watch it.

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  1. I’m about to go watch that right now. Really like how it’s not a review of a zombie movie. Hahah good stuff Wigs. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hahahah, panda. That’s great.

    As for this accusation for my excessive love of zombies, I don’t think I actually have a zombie movie I take seriously.

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