The Nude: Faux Inflorescence


Today, I had some free time to a half-sharpened pencil, tea & myself.
Good day, world.

Signed, WEIGY

Posted Tuesday, September 29th, 2009 under Work: Personal.


  1. I like this picture, like the way I like a flower or a fancy sort of fish.

    A bee understands why this looks good.

  2. I think a basic sense of appreciation for the beauty found in shapes nature made for us is important.

    A bee’s taste should be dependable, they have cool colors, bodies, eyes, go after pretty flowers and make food that doesn’t rot.

  3. It’s like an optical illusion/brain teaser with my eyes searching for its secrets and my mind trying to make sense of the shapes and my gut telling me that this is something I like. Frustratingly satisfying. Nice work my friend

  4. Glad you enjoyed it, Hisyam.

  5. Striking!

    I like this, what was your inspiration. Also, Great comment on Bees. I like that.

  6. Lateef, I’ll shed more about the starting point for this since this won’t be the last upcoming work of this nature. I’ll divulge more on the topic the next time I touch this subject matter again.

    For now, the simplest answer I can give is “my love for the female beauty”.

  7. “A bee understands why this looks good.”

    That’s the best way to describe this pic! It’s very naturally beautiful.
    There is certainly some reciprocal love between you and graphite. I can’t wait to see more clean pencil based illustrations from you.

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