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Les Masques; Deux

A few posts back I leaked several mask designs from an ongoing project which title I don’t have permission to reveal just yet. They’re fine with me leaking some of the concepts; that means more masks for you and I.

There’s an update to the design guideline and it’s: “FEEL FREE TO GO CRAZY WITH THE DESIGNS!”

Music to my ears, ladies and gentlemen. Related tangent: I let my entire library of music run on shuffle today. It felt like a schizophrenic DJ took over my playlists. You should try it sometime.

Good evening; Enjoy the masks.

Posted Tuesday, September 8th, 2009 under Monstrous Monday™, Work: Personal.


  1. These masks have Teeth, in a literal and figurative sense, they have a presence of weight and power. It’s not empty decoration, but something solid

  2. very cool! i wish i can see this in colour too

  3. Thanks Andy! There’s an important reason for me, why I implemented teeth into some of the designs. Can’t disclose them yet though!

    @Eldwen: I’m not allowed to show colors for these. Sorry, heheh.

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