Carb Cola + Ice Track

A Sea of Seals

Just like how this lovely pier I visited was swamped with seals, I’m currently swamped with deadlines. I enjoy both this picture and my current situation… Though the unfortunate part of it is the hiatus it brings to Monster Mondays™ + Frivolous Fridays™.

ParrotingGood night, world.
The parrot was a favor for a good friend of mine.

Posted Saturday, September 26th, 2009 under Personal News.


  1. Nice Parrot!

    And that MUST be in San Fransisco! I remember the piers looking like that when I went! I personally think I went on the best day on Earth, there was a Namco World by the pier and a great calamari stand. I ate calamari and played Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 with my brother for hours! Good times!

  2. It was San Fransisco, the seafood was delicious and the seals were a joy to look at! I was too busy walking around, snapping pictures and eating morsels of food.

    Also, the parrot… Hahah. A deviation from what I normally do but like I said, a favor. Glad you enjoy it!

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