Mecha Monday™: Great Mechas Weren’t Built in 5 Minutes

Let's roll some ironsI literally had 5 minutes until office hours were officially over.
Hence I oiled some gears before grinding them in the near future.

Bigger treat next time.
Good night, world.

Posted Monday, September 14th, 2009 under Monstrous Monday™.


  1. wah bagus ini. gua suka

  2. haha mecha mondays aye, looks to be a real treat. I like the colour scheme of the first mech to the left

  3. Thanks guys, will come back with more when the time permits!

  4. A cockpit head, like Dougram?

  5. Yes, Dougram. So good, that dougram.

    I need to come back to this and actually plot out a legit design + drawing. Hehehe.

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