The Riot of Your Time

Les Masques.I’ve been exploring my compositional skills in the form of masks for an upcoming character design. Encapsulating a certain mood with coherent shapes is serious business. Visual balance is important in pursuit of the end nature of your image. A quote by one of my idols expresses this thought best:

You have to keep your reflexes so that when you want it—it’s there. When you want to move—you are moving. And when you move, you are determined to move! Not accepting even once inch less than 100 percent of your honest feelings. Not anything less than that. So that is the type of thing you have to train yourself into. To become one with your feelings so that, when you think—it is.
Bruce Lee

My days have been reserved for deadlines this week and the next; I’m excited to be honest. I foresee the pantry running out of green tea this weekend. 

I now need to clean up my desk so we can go catch Inglorious Basterds at the theater. Good night, world. 

Posted Friday, August 21st, 2009 under Frivolous Friday™, Work: Personal.


  1. I like this! Great detailing man, I’d say gorgeous but I have reservations of using the word haha. Can’t wait to see this character you’re designing if the research artwork is already this fantastic.

  2. Thanks, Hisyam. I focused on the mask since I intend it to be the most, if not, only ornate part of the character. While drawing them though… that slowly changed. I intend to do a little more with what other options I’m not using for this character… for other ideas too. Hahah.

    I might just post early drafts of this character for the upcoming Monster Monday.

  3. Also looking forward to seeing the character.

    Any ideas on color treatment/s?

  4. Yes, the color palette has been decided from the get-go. I won’t hint at what it is, when the time is right, I’ll post the painted full-body shot.

    I’ll be churning out more masks! Thanks for dropping by guys!

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