Signal Interrupted




I’ve encountered some overwhelming health problems this weekend. I’ll update as soon as possible. I apologize in advance and thank you for your understanding, friends.

Posted Saturday, August 1st, 2009 under Personal News.


  1. Get well soon my friend. Hope it’s not too bad.

  2. Dude, take it easy and get healthy again.

  3. Hey guys, I appreciate the concern! I was visiting San Francisco last weekend to look around the area and consider finding work there.

    It was a case where the sickness wasn’t all that serious to begin with… and I didn’t take it seriously; then it gained momentum and it got a little serious… The weather at San Francisco is unpredictable and quite formidable. Details to come next post!

  4. Get well soon man!

  5. Feel better man!

    *Makes a nice beef bowl with lots of healthy mushrooms*

    EAT THIS! It’ll make you stronger! (+2 Atk, +1 Def)

  6. @Richmond: I will! Thanks man! Random update: Today I’m in L.A. and am going to try this place called Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles. I’m honestly a bit intimidated by that combination.

    @Arttronik: Lateef, you do not know of the wonders San Diego has in store. I had the best beef bowl here; it’s as good as the ones I’ve had during my trip to Japan and time spent back home in Asia and that’s pretty damned good. So far though, it’s making me “fatter” more than “stronger” (+2 Belly, +3 Drowsy).

  7. Roscoes? Beefbowl? Pork Belly Ramen?

    San Diengo truly is a land of wonders.

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