Gold in The Air of Summer

This sight must be a frightening sight if I were a salmon.

I’m taking a break from Monster Mondayâ„¢; there’s a list of chores to take care of and a handful of new illustrations to deliver to clients.

If I can beat the deadline this weekend, expect double the usual turnout for Monster Monday; there’ll be a lot to vent. I’ve been making notes on napkins and corners of notepads so I won’t forget what to draw.

Good evening, world.

Monterey Bay, California has some seriously soothing side effects.

Currently experiencing some major withdrawals from all the wonderful eateries & sights California had to offer during my stay in summer.

Posted Monday, August 31st, 2009 under Personal News.


  1. kono yaro!

  2. sushi sushi daze.

  3. Damn, I’m hungry.

  4. Pictures of food… are torturous.

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