Ferocious Friday™: Rummaging The Toy Box

0016According to Andy Chaisiri (a good friend of mine) and various other teachers of mine, old works are the fillings of a treasure chest. It feels a lot more like going through an old box filled to the brim with my old toys. There are little scratches and dents on each piece, either the result of carelessness or a lack of experience (and sometimes the combination of both). 

Being fierce on a fridayIt feels daunting at times to attempt re-working an old design. My brushwork has improved since then but for me there is still a charm in seeing these older works. It’s partly because of an inertia of ego of course. Boiling a design down to only the necessary, positive elements is a task easier phrased than done.

A lot of times it seems like things could always be better and better… and better.

Looking high and low for new lessons from old studies...

Are these obvious hints to future Monster Monday™ entries or what?

Relaxing on a Friday is serious business.

Mantra of the day is:
Good lessons are always plentiful if you have a critical eye and happen to be looking in a mirror. 

Have a good Friday, world.

Posted Friday, August 7th, 2009 under Frivolous Friday™, Work: Personal.


  1. dude.
    i love these poses. the 3rd especially.
    the musculature looks like a perfect blend of husk and flesh.
    they all have a feeling of finalized polish pass and the energy of a first stroke.

  2. Josh, thanks hahahah. I’ll be re-drawing and re-designing this guy soon enough!

  3. I can imagine him as a revoltech

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