The 5th Monstrous Monday™: Fasciata

FasciataI’ve named this one Fasciata, it’s part of the latin name for the Blue-Lined Octopus and also because it sounds like the word “fascinate”. Inspired by old lores of half-marine animal, half-maiden luring men to their watery deaths and octopus. Another big chunk of the inspiration came from watching a couple of Monterey Bay‘s octopi shape-shifting right in front of my eye.

In a way, I’ve felt at odds as to why the colors nature chose for these venomous animals are such attractive colors. Old depictions of mermaids share this quality, they’re always painted as alluring creatures with an ominous air about them. Old masters & storytellers seem to be fond of equating the lure of instant sexual gratification with doom.

On the lighter side of things, I watched a youtube video of the infamous Blue-Ringed Octopus and got reminded of my summer stay in California. I spent almost a whole day at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. This Monster Monday™ is dedicated to that wonderful summer trip.

Good night, world.

Signed, WEIGY

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  1. OMG dude. We seem to have too much in common. Last week sometime, I drew a woman-octo type of character in my sketchbook. The huge difference was that her tentacles acted as a dress in a sense. Also, I didnt have a tentacle for hair either.

    I was shocked to see this.

    I’ll have to scan mine,and show it to you. I’d like your feedback.

    Man. I cannot believe this. LOL.

  2. i.. uh… saw a documentary on the blue ringed octopus today

    haha no lie.

    remember how we were talking about how your saturated red lines in one of your drawings looked a little out of place?

    i think this lovely lady would have been a great place to throw in some super saturated blue rings, if she is indeed modeled after the famous blue ringer.

    i do get more a sense of ‘lusciousness’ and ‘fascination’ as you put it than the threatening alarms a regular monster would give off.

  3. This is one of my favorite things from Monster Monday so far!

    The drawing is tight and there’s a pervasive sense of intention to the design. I’m glad you didn’t go all over the place with it. I love that she feels like a woman and a proper octopus. You didn’t just mash the two together, you successfully integrated them into a coherent design that has the FEELING of both things.

    I really dig the voluminous, soft, fluffy look to it like it’s full of air/water. Most octopus/squid concepts I see tend to be more dense looking, like cooked cuttlefish. Yours is languid and flowing, like a proper, elastic living octopus ought to be. I like how some of the tentacles act as hips. Touches like that make your designs distinct and alive. I appreciate that you kept the color scheme simple. It fits the character and pose better than crazy colors and patterns would have.

    This pic almost feels like a Kinu drawing, and that’s pretty dang impressive.

  4. @Lateef! This was inspired by an old sketch. I chose to push it more towards old mythological depictions of mermaids. I considered fashioning the tentacles into stylized clothing but at the end of the day preferred, again, the more sensual side, just as the old myths do. Scan yours, I’d like to see it!

    @Josh: Hehehe, I re-edited the post; I think perhaps the text misled as to which was the bigger inspiration. In general, I was aiming to marry the features that I love from old myths and octopus more than directly referencing the blue-ringed octopus. Also, was the documentary any good? I want to see some…

    @Richmond: Thanks man, glad you like it. I did pay extra attention to depicting the usual movement octopus tentacles actually make instead of creating something with just extra appendages. I did hold back from adding crazy patterns, I enjoy the contrast between a nude woman and the tentacles. I’m also happy someone is enjoying the hips as much as I did drawing it. Hahahah. Also! The comparison with Kinu is very flattering.

    Thanks for keeping up with Monster Monday™ guys!

  5. I ate an octopus today

    I like how the human bits go into the octopus bits, that’s something I’ve never seen before, hips. Most people do the octo half more like a dress.

    The large hands with long, strong looking fingers is also a nice touch, seems like a powerful grip.

    How about a squid man next?

  6. Weigy! I remember it now, I think…did you do it in pen in your moleskine as long time ago? If not, I think I may have forgotten.

    Yours is better than mine to be honest. I thought I had a cool idea, but the fact that you (like Richmond and Andy stated) made the formation of hips into the appendage is a really nice touch. I must admit I like this one.
    So, youre one up right now. Actually, two up…simply because you met some awesome artists in California….and drew for them….and they LIKED it, lol.

    Good work, dude!

  7. @Andy: I’ve been thinking about the wasabi-marinated octopus that I had in San Diego’s Shinsengumi. An old sketch of mine had it seem like the octopus parts are behaving like clothing. I opted for the more natural look and sought to make the differing human + animal parts look like a cohesive whole.

    @Lateef: I didn’t know we were taking down scores!

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