Monster Monday™ Flashback Feature: Beelzebub

BeelzebubI’m exhausted but  Monster Monday™ must go on! This is another page from the oldies. Inspired by Beelzebub, who also goes by the title of “Lord of The Flies” (not the famous allegorical novel). The key words circling around my head were “Lord of The Flies”, “demon” and “carrier of disease”. The last word probably came about from my disgust of flies and my fascination with other insects. 

As a kid, the first time I saw a documentary that showed me a fly rubbing its’ legs together, I couldn’t get that image out of my mind for a while. There is no way I’d let those disgusting tiny feet rub my food as if it’s a magic lamp. Here’s one of many videos available out there, showcasing the flies’ behavior close-up:

Between at this video + this old sketch, I’m honestly itching to re-draw Beelzebub as soon as this week’s projects and resume-updating are done with. 

Good night, world. Don’t let those houseflies in.

Posted Monday, August 24th, 2009 under Monstrous Monday™.


  1. Love this one. It’s got the layering of limbs and hint of perspective I always wanted in my art growing up. Only thing I’d suggest is maybe make the front hoof angled similarly to the back hoof, and ground them rather than the floating effect you’ve got going?

    Regardless, he looks so…. obscene. In a good way.

  2. Have you seen the insect dudes in FFXI?

  3. I haven’t, would love to. What small glimpse I’ve had of the game shows me cool armors. Hey Andy, I heard Monster Hunter 3 has an offline co-op mode…

  4. MH3 seems to be 2-4 player offline mode

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