2nd Monstrous Monday™: Tusk-Head & Black

TaveniSince the arrival of my very own Cintiq, I’ve realized that I’ve run out of ink a lot less often. I had to remedy this situation. My outlet this time will be my very own weekly tradition called MONSTER MONDAY. This Monday, please welcome Tusk-Head and Black; named out of convenience and obvious love of the brush.

I allowed myself 5 seconds to draw the contours with a light pencil and then I let loose with the brush. Sketching for concept design is an unpredictable beast and that’s the way it should be, an expression of instinct guided and calculated by what experience you have accumulated. Over-thinking can sometimes kill the mood of a piece and a lack of structural knowledge won’t take your drawing that far at all. This is my way of exercising both of the skills I think are necessary.

With the monster at the very top, I’ve opted to aim towards a more tusk-like texture for the overalls. I ended up with a kinder looking animal. What you see below, is the fruit of the 2nd run through:


I repeated the 2nd drawing with the same process and arrived at a different feel of the same image. With the 2nd try, I chose to let the brush go on an auto-pilot and I ended up with a more ferocious animal. I like them both equally , which will definitely lead to full-body illustrations in the very, very near future.

Good night, world. Hope you’ve enjoyed this Monster Monday,

Signed, WEIGY

Posted Monday, July 6th, 2009 under Monstrous Monday™, Work: Personal.


  1. Looking forward to the completed work !

  2. I like the first one better, the second has an old school marvel comics kinda feel to it. Keep posting these great drawings my friend

  3. no way. the second one is better for me!

  4. @blauereiter: Hahah, thanks, I’ll update you when I get to it!

    @Hisyam & Eldwen : I’ll leave this for you guys to duke it out. Can you guys elaborate a little more as to why you prefer one over the other?

    Thank you for dropping by! Come back next Monster Monday for another monster!

  5. Firstly I find the first drawing cleaner, I’m just not a fan of the second type of inking, very old school comics feel, personal preference so might not hold any artistic value.

    Secondly, the first one looks more badass in a way, could be the posture cos the second one has the neck slightly upright kinda like a human posture whereas the first one looks like it’s spotted a sacrificial naked virgin from the nearby village hahaha

  6. A naked, sacrificial virgin. That’s VERY specific.

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