3rd Monstrous Monday™: The Bullardine

A Bullardine; laughing at your arrows.This week’s inspiration came by the courtesy of bulldogs, billy goats and an old obscure joke between my uncle and myself when I was around the tender age of six (rough estimation). The conversation took place during a martial arts movie and one of the villains happened to be a really chunky guy who could really take punches. I asked my uncle if a thick layer of fat would protect one from solid punches. My uncle said this, “If it’s thick enough it might even stop a sword“. This was somewhat logical to me as a kid since fatty parts of animals tend to be chewy and tough.

The other elements of design were inspired also by my love of traditional wrestlers. The combination of courteous behavior, strong respect of  cultural rituals and immense displays of strength is a very alluring image to portray.

Above is a member of what I’d call the Bullardine tribe. Lodged in his shoulders are souvenirs from a recent battlefield/lunch break; two measly arrows he’s chuckling away at. The smile and relaxed posture convey that battlefield is part of the culture and confidence comes from an obvious skill ingrained into the tribe; further displayed by marching into battlefield with minimal protective clothing.

I enjoy jovial, tough characters that aren’t portrayed as all brawn just because of a huge frame. I enjoy the ‘deviation’ from stereotypes, not as an attempt at irony but more of a personalization of a character. I enjoy characters with personality and I enjoy attempting the craft. I definitely had fun with the Bullardine!

I hope you had fun too this Monster Monday™! Good night world.

This 3rd Monstrous Monday™: The Bullardine is © Weigy, please do not use without prior permission.

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  1. sweet piece. i wouldn’t have guess his skin to be wine red judging from the sketch; it suits him.

    though the render on his skin is subtle, it’s still noticeably darker than the rendering on his clothes.

  2. Josh, you got on this fast. Damn. As for the clothes, I’ll keep touching it up. Heheheh. Thank you for your participation in Monster Monday!

  3. So what kind of weapons do Bullardines use against each other?

    I like this one lots, has that porky solidity of kungfu movie guys who wear bracers and get punched but feel no pain

  4. Happy Monster Monday! Nice work, this is crazy, lol!

  5. Awesome monster. It looks cool but moreover it’s got personality, and culture! I love the amused expression on his face. The Mongolain wrestling clothes work reeal well too.

    I wrestled a Mongolian once. It was like wrestling a brick wall. An explosively fast brick wall with a killer leg pick. Before i knew it I was actually spinning through the air head over heels and then laid out on the steppe, just staring out at the great blue sky.

    The guy was pretty cheerful and nonchalant about it. Apparently he had made a weird yelping noise when he flipped me, so his friends started taunting and yelping at him.

    Good fun. Your monster definitely has a good feeling about it cos it reminded me of this experience.

  6. @Ace: Yeah, those porky fighters are awesome. As for the weapon of choice: I’d like to think, at the moment, that they use their whole body in an elegantly brutal fashion against fully armored and armed opponents. Against each other, it’d be the same. I’ll draw two of them together, wrestling!

    @Arttronik: Thanks and Happy belated Monster Monday! Come back next week! If I don’t get to update before lunch time, then the blog will be updated roughly around the end of office hours, around 8 in the evening (PST). Glad you enjoyed my work!

    @Richmond: I’d like to try wrestling a Mongolian wrestler and getting blue-sky’d. I think it’d improve my drawing. Also, good catch on the source of clothing inspiration. I’d like to go about another drawing depicting them with a different variation of the same clothing choice.

    Thanks for visiting everyone. You made my Monster Monday more enjoyable.

  7. This is making me anticipate Frivolous Friday even more haha

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