The Belated Monster of Frivolity


The Belated Monster of FrivolityThis piece is called “The Belated Monster of Frivolity“, dedicated to the missing Frivolous Friday™ and Monster Monday™ entries; respectively on the 24th and 27th of July… and I do sincerely apologize from the bottom of my heart to those of you loyal readers who were keeping track. For those new and unfamiliar with the two, do check out past Monster Monday™ and Frivolous Friday™ entries.

Comic Con; for humans and other humans in weird costumes.

San Diego Comic Con 2009 pretty much devoured my entire weekend… and more. SDCC 2009 was too much fun and as it was extremely time-consuming, it was also extremely stamina-consuming. In some cases, the event went on well into the night as special screenings were announced and in other cases, I got to meet and hang out with incredible people. It was a good and intense weekend; I’m grateful to have been able to partake in it. 

Check out these 2 trailers featuring Marvel characters getting the Madhouse royal treatment and yes, Mr. Yutaka Minowa was very much involved in this seeing as to how this has got that look associated with his work and Kawajiri’s flavor. Those two men seem to be able to draw anything…

I will dedicate an entire post soon with pictures from San Diego Comic Con 2009. I thank you for your patronage and I would like to thank Dea Surjadi for her patience and perseverance in accompanying me through Comic Con, my boss Shawn Borsky and my friends over at Anthem  for letting the leash loose on me last weekend.

Good night, world.


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  1. Leash? Loyal followers? Lol, I like your wording this post. You do seem to keep a steady stream of friends following you, and its great! I must admit, I like to look at your blog and see what you’ve been up to. I like how you melded your week into one image too. You should photograph your toys, if you open any of them (they were signed right?) If and when I update my blog next, I think I’m gonna adopt your daily routine idea and make TOY TUESDAY. If money permits, I’ll be photographing an awesome action figure, or at least talking about one, lol.

  2. Well, Lateef I was pleasantly surprised and slightly embarrassed when I got personal messages asking where those entries are. As for the “leash” Shawn supposedly reins, it’s a joke; hee-hee.

    I guess this is proof that every Monster Monday™ and Frivolous Friday™ art is made fresh each week. Hahahah.

    Toy Tuesday sounds fun. The only problem I can think of is that the cool toys aren’t all that cheap and easy to procure. I’ll try to take photographs of my Assemble Borgs once I’m reunited with Shawn’s SLR. I did open them, I cut open slots into the bubble packaging so I can slide the tray in and out while keeping the autographs intact.

    Your weekly patronage is appreciated, Lateef!
    Once again to all of you out there: I do appreciate the following. Thank you!

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