The 4th Monstrous Monday™: 鯤 (Kūn)

KUNA kind and righteous heart garbed by an intimidating visage. Clothing that indicates rank and the culture he had chosen to associate himself with. The weapon of choice, an ode to a Chinese icon: one of brotherhood and unshaken loyalty: Guan Yu.

This 4th Monster Monday™ is celebrated with  (Kūn), an amphibious war general inspired by hours and hours of watching tv shows based off classic Chinese mythologies, crustaceans, heroic legends and delicious chinese seafood.

In Chinese stories, great heroes overcome the most arduous trials and odds to get to where they eventually are in life. The number 4 is considered an unlucky number in Chinese as the number: 四 , looks like a coffin and it’s pronunciation is awfully close to the chinese word for death. In this note, pitting a prominently Chinese-influenced entry against the numerical belief seem to be fitting, as incidental as it is.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this Monstrous Monday™ entry,

Signed, WEIGY

Posted Monday, July 20th, 2009 under Monstrous Monday™, Work: Personal.


  1. Wow dude, these get better and better every week. Your coloring skill is rising faster than a Saiyan’s power.

    I’m impressed you’ve been getting concepts and illustrations finished week after week. You’re amassing quite a portfolio.

    Imagine how awesome you’ll be in just a few more months if you keep up this momentum.

  2. meant to say “power level” in the above post.

    Darnit! I flubbed the joke! Now i’ll NEVER BE FUNNY!!!!


    Dude, this is looking good! I remember seeing this in progress a while ago. Nice to see the awesome final piece! Youll have to show me some of how you color! Man, I need a cintiq!

  4. this is the final version, yeah?

    i seem to remember the blues inside his shirt being more glowly.
    i love the subtle gradations on the shirt, looks very silky, especially on the jade stitching. the colors all around are phenomenal, and i’m fond of the combination used on the weapon as well. the texture you used for his knees is crazy!

    definitely the most professional thing i’ve seen from you.

  5. @Richmond: These things tend to trade “stamina” for “time” but characters and worlds are too much fun to do. Thanks for the optimistic outlook! I’ll keep the momentum going.

    @Arttronik: Yes, I finally got around to showing what I’d consider a “final” state of the work… for the moment. Hahah. If you’d come by, I can show you how I work; there’s really no secret to it at all. Honest.

    @Josh: You’re right, sharp-eyed Josh, the blues were a lot more radiant and it was distracting, as pretty as it was, I considered it unnecessary for it to draw attention to his insides. I opted to tone it down so the colors and the detailing will frame his head and torso better. I’m glad the clothing is giving you the impression I intended for it.

    and to Richmond & Arttronik, DRAGON BALL FOREVER! To everybody (yes including you guys who didn’t leave around comments on the page itself but private msg’d me): thanks for the digital patronage! You guys are making me look forward more to each coming Monster Monday!

  6. I know it’s almost frivolous friday dude but I think this post was worth commenting on anyways. I really like how the upper garment looks like silk.

    If I didn’t know better I would have thought this was a full-fledged fleshed out character from a fantasy game. Good stuff.

  7. Thanks Hisyam! This Frivolous Friday will be quite different from the last few ones I’d think. A huge part of it will be caused by the upcoming mega-event that is San Diego Comic Con 2009. Hehehe.

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