Goodbye, Yoshinori Kanada (1958-2009)

Goodbye, Yoshinori Kanada.

Great animation is one of those special cosmic events where a lot of things have to fall in the right place, at the right time and then handled by the right group of people led by brilliant minds. Today we’ve lost an important part of this animation primordial soup: Yoshinori Kanada

Yoshinori Kanada

He’s integral to the development of Japanese animation in the 80’s and have been influential to the growth of animation art and the artists that have come after him. The 80’s was a magical time and to those who’ve grown up watching his work, I think you would realize just how important his work is. Among the great works of art he’s had a hand in, the more universally recognized are: My Neighbor Totoro, Princess MononokeNausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, Harmaggedon, Super Dimension Century Orguss and Space Battleship Yamato

Here’s a compilation of legendary key animators who have been influenced by his work:

Here is a sampling of Yoshinori Kanada’s contribution to the world of animation:

All my thoughts and prayers go to his colleagues, family and fellow fans who are mourning the loss. Thank you, Mr. Yoshinori Kanada for the good times, stunning key frames and great childhood companions.

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