Mr.Yutaka Minowa Is A Cool Guy

Minowa is AWESOME.

Today I got to chat with an amazing artist and to boot, 1 of the designers for a Revoltech line, called Assemble Borg which my friends and I absolutely love. His name is MrYutaka Minowa and he’s by far one of the coolest, most humble professionals I have ever met. For now, it’s definitely sleep time for me as tomorrow will be the very last day of Comic Con. I’ll definitely try to come back and visit Mr. Minowa again to say bye and wish him good luck before he leaves the States back for Japan. 

He's super cool for doing this.

If you squint or zoom, you can see that Mr. Minowa is rocking my business card and I didn’t even ask him to do so. So cool… Of course, also got him to sign the figures I bought. There’s got to be something with great artists and just being so nice. More pics and details will follow next post as I get more sleep. Good night, world!

Posted Sunday, July 26th, 2009 under Artists, Personal News.

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  1. Awesome. Thats just so awesome! I’m proud for you!

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