Good Evening, Onik Samakoen (2004-2009)

Rest well, boy. I love you.

I’ve received an unfortunate update from my mother, all the way back from Jakarta, Indonesia. A few hours ago, the family’s dog back home, Onik, has just passed away at the tender age of 6. Onik came to us as a one-year old, hyper-active little bundle of joy after many years since we’ve last had dogs in our household. He battled an aggressive cancer for months, against all odds and the family’s veterinarian’s estimation. He was a mischievous, stubborn, loyal and surprisingly smart mini-pinscher.


This month has been a little intense with deaths, some I’ve chosen to not include as blog posts out of personal judgement. While the family was already warned of Onik’s unfortunate state of health, it’s still rough to experience the death of what’s a daily part of family interaction. The very fact that all our other dogs before this generation had all lived up to 16 years is also making us sadder that we’ve had to say goodbye to Onik only after 5 years of knowing him.

Rest well, Onik. I hope you’ve enjoyed your stay with our family. We love you.

Posted Monday, June 29th, 2009 under Personal News.

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