It’s A Mad, Mad World

Black Baron, too fabulous for your window sizes.This week has particularly been busy; thankfully in a satisfying way. Here’s a quick drawing of The Black Baron. Brief information for the unknowing and unsuspecting: he’s a recurring character in Platinum Games‘ Mad World. It takes all the props and cliches I’m tired of and injected the fun back into the mold… with a chainsaw. Random opinion: despite the popular consensus on how the game mimics the look of Sin City, I see more of Takeshi Koike and even Jim Lee’s Deathblow in this game.

On a completely unrelated tangent, we’ve been running on home-cooked food, water and the occasional caffeine, courtesy of Coca-Cola. I’m also slowly introducing the office to my favorite Indonesian band, Padi. Here’s a sampling, this song is titled “Mahadewi”, the track is found in the album called “Lain Dunia”.

“Mahadewi” is a title, meaning a Goddess most revered. “Lain dunia”means “otherworldly”. These words translate somewhat differently, in the Indonesian language they carry more of a poetic and romantic connotations than the American version of gritty, hoarse, Hot Topic 7 circles of hell kind of “otherworldly”. I’ll dedicate a whole post to Padi some time, they’re a band more people need to know of.

Picture's taken from Padi's official website, VISIT THEM!

They excel at what they do, I find them a much better band than the mass of plankton the radio or TV would like to pass off as music. I was pleasantly surprised to know that they’ve toured around London and America. One of the venues they visited was Warsaw, NY; I had fond (also reads as kick-ass) memories there of a Minus the Bear concert with one of my best friends and then-roommate, Joshua Santamaria. I only wished I had known ahead of time that they were visiting America, all the way from the country I was born in, Indonesia.

Meanwhile, it’s way-too-bloody-late o’clock and I’ve got some genuine sleeping to do. I’ll be back tomorrow soon with more art to share… and maybe that DVD review I’ve been meaning to do.

Posted Tuesday, May 12th, 2009 under Personal News.


  1. good textures on black baron.

    the drawing looks like a hirihiko araki drawing with less hatching

    popular consensus also thinks the disney channel provides great entertainment

    its pretty cool to know that an indo band has actually toured the states.
    the stuff i’ve heard from them is pretty jammin.
    the warsaw was a cool venue too, i’m gonna see if any worthwhile bands are playing there come june.

  2. Hahaha, still have got a long way ahead before I get to the intensity of Araki. Hey, I’ve been getting withdrawal symptoms from access to our combined collection of comic books… I need my Tezuka fix. *scratch*scratch*scratch*

    Padi is still my fav. Indo band so far, if they ever come down to NYC again I think I’ll be reliving the NYC days again.

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