Get Me A Cintiq 2: Electric Boogaloo & A Brief Rant

You've Come to This

This past month have felt like just a week. It certainly doesn’t feel like 5 out of 12 months have already almost passed. Regardless, here’s a color jogging session. There’ll always be something irreplaceable about traditional sketching; or at least, I hope. The resistance a drawing surface provides, how the texture bites the brush and how the color bleeds into the paper is something digital hardwares/softwares won’t ever replace. I’ll be damned elated still if I had my own personal Cintiq though (greedy, I know).

I don’t ever want the world to associate the complete removal of traditional aspects as the meaning of being modern. In what’s a related tangent, here’s an interview involving one of my favorite directors, Mamoru Oshii. Another favorite maestro of mine, Hayao Miyazaki also speaks on his lack of connection with modern, prominently digital movies. While I’ll admit, I share their sentiments, I don’t exactly wish for digital art to completely disappear. 

Old inking exercise of mine, featuring a shortened me and a rough estimate of a Bernini's statue.

It’s high time for me to get back to work, today the crew at the office are leaving early for an alumni party. Here’s hoping the food will be delicious.

 P.S. I stumbled upon both interviews through Tim Maughan’s blog. It’s worth the extra click.

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