I’ve Just Aged

Yes, I like drawing faces.

Today was my birthday and I spent all day with my girlfriend, relaxing and working from home. Her hard work paid off and this afternoon she got a call from San Diego’s NBC, she’ll be spending summer over there dayside producing as an intern. Congratulations and some home-made spiced wine are in order.

My mother called on the 19th of May at 10 p.m. (U.S.A. time zone) and wished me a happy birthday, she told me I was born at 10 a.m. on the 20th of May in Indonesia and told me that it should be accurate, according to the place I was born in. In case you’re confused and keeping track, 20th May is my actual birthday itself. I thought it was pretty cool attention to detail on my mother’s part, I honestly have never paid that much attention.

Talking about attention to detail, I finally managed to pop in my roommate’s copy of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.

My friends have been building up to it so much that I’ve put off watching it; making sure I give the film the attention others said it deserves. A detailed opinion of it can be found in a separate post.

Good morning, people.

also in other news: I couldn’t resist inserting the gigantic scan of my sketch for inexplicable reasons.

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