Sketchbook + Leftovers

unrelated possibility

An aging doodle I’m still fond of. It reminds me of a very enjoyable class where we were encouraged to explore conventional themes and were asked to refresh them without being ironic or sarcastic.

While lucky enough to live with the fun-loving/laughter-inducing/food-gobbling crew, I must admit that new place = new adjustments. Adjustments also involve cleaning and unpacking; a primary excuse for a pile of yet-to-be-scanned artworks.

Here’s an actual scan of a few-days-old sketch that was part of my very first post.


If you want to see more of my sketchbook, visit me here. Check back on the blog for fresh sketches next time. Good night for now.

Posted Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009 under Personal News, Sketchbook, Work: Personal.


  1. Weigy! These are looking good man! Its nice to see you draw what you want, and have the time to make it look as you want. I like your women, its apparent that you like the more classic drawings, for women particularly. Best of luck on the rest of your portfolio!

  2. Hey Lateef, thanks for the kind words! It’s definitely a plus sitting here in the office with the crew, it’s a nice environment to be in, sitting in and drawing. I’ll be updating pretty frequently, come back often!

    As for the women, when I’m done with the turnarounds, you will definitely be notified.

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