Katsuya Terada: Hot Pot Girls 2013 / Giant Robot, L.A.

This weekend, a great art show by the king of drawing, Katsuya Terada, opens in Giant Robot 2. This post is about his 2013 show, to let you know why…

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My Line Stickers, Your Votes

Line Messenger has a sticker contest and I’m in it! I’ve made a set of 20 stickers, with a cast made up of several dogs and a cat (try to spot him). Line is requesting you to vote for each…

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“God Warrior Appears in Tokyo” & The Significance of Japanese Giant Monsters

I’ve been awaiting the day I could watch this. The true pedigree of this short film is intimidating. Written and commissioned by Hideaki Anno, directed by Shinji Higuchi and creature design by one of my absolute favorite…

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Bali, Part 3: Uluwatu’s “Hanuman” & Katsuya Terada’s “Monkey King”

My Hanuman, Terada's "Saiyuki" and my study of Terada's Monkey King

Uluwatu, Bali: I was instantly captivated by Uluwatu’s rendition of Hanuman. The stylization of a monkey’s fierce snarl, the silhouette coated…

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Goodbye Stargazer, Jean “Moebius” Giraud (5/8/1938 – 3/10/2012)

On the 10th of March 2012, this world has lost a legendary visionary. Jean “Mœbius” Giraud has passed away. Moebius is one of the few contemporary artists whose legacy is as influential on the history of visual art,…

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Bali, Part 2: Uluwatu’s Kecak

A page from many other Bali-themed drawings of mine, "Uluwatu, Kecak", featuring Sinta, the loyal wife of Rama; Hanuman, the loyal best friend of Rama; and Ravana, the king of Lanka (Ink on paper)


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Bali, Part 1: Stone Eyes & Smiles

Over the end of last year, I finally set my foot upon Bali, Indonesia, for the very first time. The hype for this place has been unbelievable, friends from all over the globe insist this is one…

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Greetings from Bali

As the year closes to an end, I wish you all happy endings and new, fruitful starts. Wherever you are, I send you the warmest wishes one can muster in the spoils of Bali.

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“Arrietty” (2010) by Hiromasa Yonebayashi, Studio Ghibli

I’ve had the pleasure of viewing “Arrietty”, Studio Ghibli’s latest film. “Arrietty” is the directorial debut of Hiromasa Yonebayashi, who served as key animator in Hayao Miyazaki’s “Ponyo” (2008). Arrietty is the name of the…

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My Tumbled Companion

I’ve set up a companion site to the blog, via tumblr for micro posts. With my recent studio-based occupation, mobile uploading has become a lot more convenient for me. All the art contained in the companion…

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